Each year, more than 6,000 people aged 3 to 100 volunteer at Baycrest, offering their expertise, skills, talents and companionship to brighten the lives of many clients. Baycrest offers one of the world’s best youth volunteer programs. Mackenzie is very proud to have a partnership with Baycrest through the Baycrest-Mackenzie Liaison Committee.
Baycrest is a great oppurtunity for the students of William Lyon Mackenzie CI. We continue to encourage ALL Mackenzie students to make use of the partnership and become involved at Baycrest. It offers a variety of placements, such as Bingo Games, concerts, etc. Students will be exposed to different work environments and learn about career options. It looks great on your resume!!! You would accquire leadership skills. The friends you gain at Baycrest will make this experience one that you will never forget.
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