Parent and School Council

Welcome Mackenzie Parents,

School councils are an excellent way for parents to get involved in their child’s education. Our school has an elected school council that is an important forum for involving all members of the school community in issues that affect the education of students. The school council is made up of parents, staff and student representatives, appointed community members, the principal, and general membership which includes all parents of children attending the school.

The school council advises the principal and vice principal on a variety of issues and activities relating to student achievement, curriculum goals and priorities, school budget priorities, school safety, after school activities, and criteria for new principals.

What We Do

  • Meet approximately 8 times a year; work on sub-committees, as needed
  • Act as an advisory body to provide ideas, recommendations and concerns to the principal and, where appropriate, the school board
  • Create and maintain an environment which promotes and improves student learning and school effectiveness
  • Enhance lines of communication among parents, guardians, administrators, teachers, and students in the school community
  • Provide support for school, family, and community partnership that assist parents in education of children
  • Organize and support various activities to raise funds to supplement classroom resources

General Activities of Parent Council

  • Develop a network of “class representatives” to help keep parents informed about school and Council activities
  • Meet regularly with our principal to discuss ongoing school activities and issues
  • Fundraising initiatives
  • Historically monies collected through fundraising efforts have contributed to many school wide initiatives

Parent Council Executive 2022 – 2023

Aaron Iravani and Daisy Jin (, Co-Chairs

Meeting Minutes and Reports

Please click this link to see minutes and reports from previous meetings.


We are inviting any parents and guardians to please consider becoming a member of the William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate parent council. It is never too late to become involved. If you are interested, and we sincerely hope you are, please contact the school at 416- 395-3330.