What is SAC?  SAC Events

This Year’s SAC:

President: Norman Boudarga

Vice Presidents of Clubs: Sammy Markowski & Denesh Peremakumar

Marketing and Advertising Reps: Fatima Hussain & Jennifer Le

Spirit Reps: Olivia Carvalhais & Ariel VanCampen

Treasurer/Secretary: Deepinder Kumar

Grade 10 Representatives: Aaron Segal, Danny Roussianos & Emma Goldstien

Technology Representative: Issac Wong

Teachers: Ms. Aquino, Ms. Mancini & Ms. Parravano

Message from the president:


We are the Lyons,

Hear us roar!

Best students around,

Watch us soar!


We are the Lyons,

Show some spirit!

Got some cheer,

Come on let’s hear it!


We are the Lyons,

Heard all around town!

The best of the best,

Don’t you dare look down


We are the Lyons,

Where is our pool?

Don’t worry about it,

We’re still cool.


We are the Lyons,

Strong, fierce, and proud,

Taking a bite outta life,

You know our roar is loud.