Q: How do I obtain an application?
Follow the instructions here.

Q: Is there an application fee?
Yes, there is a non-refundable application fee of $20.00. Cheques can be made payable to W.L. Mackenzie C.I. Cash is also acceptable.

Q: What are the significant dates of the application process?
Dates vary slightly from year to year. Click here to find out the dates for the upcoming year.

Q: How many students will be admitted to the Grade 9 MaCS Program?
90 students. Currently, we have 3 classes of MaCS students. A final decision will be made for each year based upon the number and quality of applicants. Although we have over 500 applicants, we are capped at 90 MaCS students in each grade because our school is fully enrolled.

Q: How do you decide who is accepted into the program?
Acceptance is based upon the student’s Grade 7 final and Grade 8 term 1 progress report cards, personal profiles, and entrance test results.

Q: How will I be notified of the result of my application?
All applicants will be notified via mail.

Q: What is the difference between the MaCS Program and the Gifted Program (also offered at Mackenzie)?
MaCS – enrichment in Math, Science, and Computers. Unique to Mackenzie and based on application requirements. Gifted – Board identified (IPRC’d) students.

Q: Do MaCS courses appear on the students’ transcripts ?
Yes, from Grades 9 to 12. In Grade 12, students choose regular U, M, enriched, or AP courses for university admission.

Q. Do MaCS students take courses with other Mackenzie students?
Yes, electives and open level courses are taken with other students; i.e. Healthy Active Living, Instrumental Music, Dramatic Arts, Visual Arts, Introduction to Business.

Q. Do MaCS students have the opportunity to write AP Exams?
Yes. Currently our MaCS students can take the following AP Courses in grade 12: Computer Programming (ICS4UO), Economics (CIA4U0), Data Management (MDM4U0), and Calculus (MCV4UO). Students also can write AP Exams in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics by taking the Grade 12 MaCS Enriched Courses offered in Grade 12. A benefit of writing an AP exam(s) is that the result(s) could be used towards University credit, which would lighten the University course load and lower tuition cost.

Q. What is the duration of the MaCS Program ?
4 years – from grades 9 to 12.

Q. Can I apply for admission to the program after Grade 9 ?
Yes, though the majority of students enter the program in Grade 9. Some positions may be available in Grade 10 if a student moves out of province.

Q. What are the requirements for continuing in the MaCS Program past Grade 9?
Students are encouraged to maintain grades of at least 75% in each of Math, Science, English, Geography, and Computers in order to be successful in MaCS for Grades 10, 11, and 12.

Q. Is it possible to take some of the MaCS classes, but not all of them?
No. The MaCS Program is an inclusive program; students must meet the program requirements (see Courses Page). MaCS students still have space in their schedule each year to select elective courses that they are interested in (i.e. arts, athletics, business, social sciences, etc.). They also have time to participate in extra-curricular activities (i.e. clubs, sports, etc.).

Q: Do I need to submit an optional attendance form with my application?
Yes, all applications must include an optional attendance form specifically for the MaCS Program if the student is currently attending a TDSB school. Students who are not currently attending a TDSB school (i.e. Toronto Private school, Toronto Catholic school) do not require a MaCS optional attendance form.  

Q: I attend a private school that does not produce a Grade 8 report card by November. What should I submit?
Download a “School Questionnaire Form – Private Schools” PDF and have it completed by your homeform/core teacher.

Q: I am unable to write the entrance test on the scheduled date due only to religious reasons. Whom do I contact?
Contact the MaCS Coordinator by email.

Q: Are previous entrance tests available? What is the format?
No, unfortunately sample tests are not available. Students are not expected to study for the entrance test. The test format consists of math, science, logic, and reading comprehension questions in a multiple choice format and a written essay component. In the writing piece, we are looking for evidence of language use, writing style, creativity, and communication skills. The entrance test is 90 minutes in duration.

Q: Can I still apply if I don’t attend a TDSB school?

Q: Are students’ marks penalized for being in an enriched program?
No. Our MaCS classes have the highest class averages in the school even with the enriched curriculum. When MaCS students graduate, they attend the University of their choice and are very successful when applying for scholarships. The application process ensures that students will be able to keep up in an enriched environment.

Q: Do students receive the results of their entrance test?
No. Due to the number of applicants, we cannot review the application package with every student who applies. The selection committee looks at all parts of the application package and the test is only one part of it.