About Us


Mattawa Class of 2014

The MaCS Program began in 1985 with a small group of students. It has grown significantly over the past 25 years. Presently, there are approximately 90 MaCS students per grade at Mackenzie; MaCS students make up a good portion of our school’s population.

It is the purpose of MaCS to offer a learning opportunity for talented students with a high interest in Mathematics, Science, and Computers and to allow them to pursue their interest in an environment that stimulates and encourages curiosity, enthusiasm, and success. It is our aim to prepare students for life long learning.

The MaCS program prepares students for university and ultimately professional careers in the areas of computer science, engineering, health sciences, mathematics, science, and technologies of the future. Many of our graduates are recipients of prestige scholarships (e.g. RBC Scholarships, Future Aces Award, TD Bank Award, etc).
MaCS runs from grade nine to twelve.



A MaCS student has the following traits:

  • Willingness to engage in enrichment activities
  • A successful learner in all subject areas but especially so in Math, Science, and Technology
  • Evidence of school/community involvement
  • Will be a leader in the classroom
  • Evidence of involvement in Math, Science, and Computers
  • Self-motivated learner who learns for the sake of learning
  • Shows an interest in the way our world runs and is eager to affect the way we take care of it
  • Will have other interests in the community – volunteering, after-school jobs, or extra classes (music, dance, arts, etc).