Dear Mackenzie parents and community,

As you know the Federal election will take place on Monday September 20.  In conjunction with this, William Lyon Mackenzie has arranged for our school to be participating in the Student Vote 2021, which will occur on the morning of Monday September 20.  Student Vote is a national program that provides students with an authentic opportunity to experience the voting process first hand and practice the habits of active and informed citizenship.  Due to COVID protocols, the vote will occur in your child’s classroom to minimize movement and exposure to other classes.

In preparation for this, and to support the development of informed and active citizenship, we encourage you to engage your child / children in discussions about what they think the important issues are, how the various political parties intend to address these issues (party platform), and who they would vote for if they had the opportunity.  To facilitate this you may wish to consult the media resource links posted below and share them with your child / children.

Medial Links:

Thank you for supporting Student Vote 2021!