Specialized Progams

Mackenzie prides itself on the various specialized programs that run within its walls. These include the MaCS Program, the Advanced Placement Program, the Gifted Program, FIT Certification, and the Student Success Program. Below is a brief description of each invaluable program.

MaCS Program

The MaCS Program began in 1985 for the purpose of giving students many opportunities both academically and socially.

MaCS offers an outstanding learning opportunity for talented students with a high interest in Math, Science and Computers.

MaCS students are allowed to pursue their interests in an environment that stimulates and encourages curiosity, enthusiasm and success.

It is our aim to prepare students for life long learning as they head to university and ultimately professional careers.

Visit us: http://wlmac.ca/macs

Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement courses in Computer Studies, Functions, and Economics are available as well as AP exams in all areas.


Our gifted program fosters intellectual and personal growth for exceptional students through the development of higher-level thinking skills and the promotion of exciting leadership opportunities.

The core curriculum is delivered through self-contained and enriched classes in a diverse manner with dynamic field trips and guest lecturers to augment the students’ progress.


The “Focus on IT” or FIT certification from the Information and Communication Technology Council is offered and provides our graduates with an edge with the rigorous certification requirements.

Student Success

Our unique student success room supports at-risk pupils with credit rescue and credit recovery programs every period.

Special education students receive supports and learning strategies courses in our resource room.

Newcomers to Canada who are ELL students are offered a full complement of ESL courses.



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November 30, 2012