The National Biology Competition is an annual competition run by the University of Toronto in Canada and the US.  This competition is one of the requirements to qualifying for the National Biology Olympiad team which would represent Canada in an international biology competition.

The results for this year’s competition has brought us exciting news. Out of 3485 Canadian entries, Jerry Liu placed second in Canada.  Jerry received a certificate designating him as a National Biology Scholar with Distinction and an admission scholarship.

Other honourable mentions:

  • Kelvin Hong placed in the top 5% and received a designation of National Biology Scholar.
  • Ugan Sivagnanenthir placed in the top 10%.
  • Out of the 209 Canadian teams that participated, our school placed 17th in Canada and 4th in TDSB

You can see detailed results posted on the National Biology Competition website:

We are proud of all of our contest participants!