Club Description: Choir is open to all mackenie students who love to sing! We sing a mix of contemporary, pop, jazz, and broadway tunes in two or three part harmony and look forward to performing at a variety of Mac events!

Staff Advisor: Ms. Cohen, Mr. O’Brien

# of Members: 15

Mackenzie Jazz Band

Club Description: The Mackenzie Jazz Band is a big band ensemble that is dedicated to playing, practicing, and appreciating jazz music!

Staff Advisor: Ms. Cohen

# of Members: 15

Production House

Club Description: Production House takes on the role of a marketing & ad/ design team for the school! They create a variety advertisements and designs for school clubs including event posters, banners, logos, sweater designs etc.

Presidents: Vivian Han

Staff Advisor: Mr. Stitt

# of Members: 8

Dance Team

Club Description: Dance Team allows students to explore dance in an outside-of-school setting, where we will be preparing routines and participating in performances.

Presidents: Khrislea Marquez, Ana Ortiz, Angela Qiu

Staff Advisor: Ms. Parravano

# of Members: 20

Girls Flag Football

Club Description: The Girls Flag-football Club gives girls in MAC an opportunity to engage in a contact sport twice a week without the pressure of actually being on a team. The club was created with the intentions of eventually having a varsity team in the Spring, so in way this club is a warm-up for what’s to come. By being apart of this club you’re able to work on your athletic skills, make friends, and of course have fun!

Presidents: Paula Nguyen, Kierra Robinson

Staff Advisor: Ms. Aquino, Ms. Mancini

# of Members: 20+

Just Fit

Club Description: Just Fit is a club where girls can learn to keep fit and have fun at the same time! Our club inspires girls to get together with their friends and participate in quick and fun workouts.

Presidents: Tina Sokhanvar, Bahar Kholdi-Sabeti

Staff Advisor: Ms. Aquino

# of Members: 20

Wrestling Club

Club Description: The wrestling club promotes the sport of wrestling, and support of the Mackenzie wrestling team. The club is a support and recruitment platform for the team.

Presidents: Hannah Grosman

Staff Advisor: Mr. O’Brien

# of Members: 25

Arts/Music Council

Club Description: We spread art of all forms throughout Mackenzie, by organizing events like Java After Dark, Arts In Bloom, art workshops, and concerts.

Presidents: Emily Tran, Kathleen Lakhan

Staff Advisor: Mr. Cohen

# of Members: 30

Athletic Council

Club Description: Athletic Council recognizes the athletes of Mackenzie and provides students with opportunities to participate in athletics. We also organize MAC sweatshirt sales, intramurals, athletic banquet and more!

Presidents: Catherine Gauci, Riya Agrawal

Staff Advisor: Mr. Whitfield

# of Members: 25


Club Description: We bring together students from diverse backgrounds by organizing Mackenzie’s largest event of the year, Culturama! It is an event that cultivates talent and beauty within Mackenzie’s culture.

Presidents: Ashley Ong, Kenneth Calangan

Staff Advisor: Mr. Cade, Ms. Lee

# of Members: 10

Prom Committee

Club Description: Prom Committee is composed of hardworking students who work together to create Mackenzie’s most anticipated and memorable event of the year!

Presidents: TBA

Staff Advisor: Ms. Hanna

# of Members: 45

Tech Team

Club Description: The Tech Team is responsible for running the audio and visual equipment for all the events at our school. We’re dedicated to making sure all events run without a hitch and all performances look flawless!

Presidents: Denesh Kumar

Staff Advisor: Mr. Wong

# of Members: 9

The Lyon Newspaper

Club Description: We are Mackenzie’s publication of the students, by the students, and for the students. With four issues per year, our goal is to spread the student voice.

Presidents: Rayne Fisher-Quann, Jess Nash

Staff Advisor: Mr. Tebbutt

# of Members: 30

Afro-Caribbean Club

Club Description: The goal of our club is to express the diverse culture of Africa and the Caribbean and advance Mac’s understanding of the two cultures. The success of this club will allow Mackenzie to embrace the uniqueness of Afro-Caribbean culture. The ultimate goal of this club is to make its members feel included and comfortable in exploring a new culture. We plan to achieve this goal by number one, creating this club. The Afro-Caribbean Culture Club will give its members an opportunity to not only learn about the culture itself, but get more insight on current issues the black community is faced with on a day to day basis in today’s current society. The second way we plan to achieve this is by spreading awareness throughout Mackenzie by hosting more events during Black History Month, in this upcoming February. Joining the Afro-Caribbean club will enhance your learning of the culture through up front and direct information as well as experiences. This club will give its members exclusive food tasting opportunities, and extra help in any subject.

Presidents: Dinahe Elliot-Mclean, Kiara Robinson

Staff Advisor: Ms. Chevannes

# of Members: 32

Agape Christian Fellowship

Club Description: Agape Christian Fellowship helps students learn more about Christianity, motivate one another, and make an effort to care for the world around us.

Presidents: Rachel Shin, Rachel Cummings

Staff Advisor: Mrs. Idestrom

# of Members: 10

East Asian Alliance

Club Description: East Asian Alliance is a culture club at Mackenzie that educates students on and celebrates with them the diverse cultures and traditions of East Asian countries.

Presidents: Judy Yoo, Beatrice Han

Staff Advisor: Ms. Lan

# of Members: 32

Filipino Club

Club Description: Filipino Culture Club aims to unite the Filipino community and students interested in Filipino culture at Mackenzie.

Presidents: Ashley Ong, Nico Zulueta

Staff Advisor: Ms. Aquino, Ms. Covent

# of Members: 60+

French Culture Club

Club Description: The French Language and Culture Club strives to encourage students to learn more about French through fun and engaging ways. The club meetings involve presentations, games, songs, and much more! They also offer song recommendations, and word lists to help improve your vocabulary!

Presidents: Lisa Paramonova

Staff Advisor: Mme. Martin-Jordache

# of Members: 20

Greek Club

Club Description: At Greek club, we learn about Greek culture and history. We learn how to do Greek dances and enjoy Greek food and music!

Presidents: Danny Rousianos

Staff Advisor: Ms. Spiliopoulos

# of Members: 20

Jewish Culture Club

Club Description: Jewish Culture Club is the place to come and learn about Jewish activities, holidays, and culture. We have an interesting discussion or activity related to the theme of the week.

Presidents: Ethan Gottesman-Kaplan, Rebecca Sharer, Stephanie Grad

Staff Advisor: Ms. Goldman

# of Members: 50

Korean Culture Club

Club Description: Korean Culture Club is a unique club aiming to provide the Korean cultural experience to interested students through exciting activities that incorporate Korean language, food, and music.

Presidents: Danny Shin, Jaewon Jeong, Gina So

Staff Advisor: Mr. Kvache

# of Members: 30

Muslim Islamic Culture Club

Club Description: Muslim Islamic Culture Club provides an opportunity for students to learn about Muslim values, traditions, and the Muslim identity. We help students experience and value different cultures and traditions.

Presidents: Mohammed Noon, Muhammaed Ali, Nazir Reza Samin

Staff Advisor: Ms. Assim

# of Members: 25+

South Asian Alliance (SAA)

Club Description: Mackenzie’s South Asian Alliance culture club celebrates and helps students learn about South Asian culture.

Presidents: Mehak Shah, Chiromiya Suboshan

Staff Advisor: Mr. Cade, Ms. Indiran

# of Members: 30

Turkish Culture Club

Club Description: Turkish Culture Club is for Mackenzie students interested in the Turkish culture. We organize events such as parties, trips, attending films, cooking Turkish meals and dining at Turkish restaurants.

Presidents: Ruveyda Ertas, Zeynep Ertas

Staff Advisor: Ms. Assim

# of Members: 30+

Accounting and Finance Club

Club Description: Accounting and Finance Club is for students who want to explore financial investments and the ways of the marketplace. Members not only learn about investments and how to be successful in the market with limited resources, but compete in investment competitions.

Presidents: Ryan Dang, Kenneth Calangan, Kevin Yang, Lev Krapp

Staff Advisor: Mr. Rupke, Mr. Malo

# of Members: 30

Aerospace Club

Club Description: Aerospace club offers fun and exciting activities related to the field of aerospace and aviation. We are extremely passionate about what exploring and learning about what the field of aerospace has to offer!

Presidents: Akram Khan, Aly Abdelwahed

Staff Advisor: Mr. Daoud

# of Members: 42

Biology Club

Club Description: Biology Club hosts weekly lessons to prepare members for two competitions: the National Biology Contest and the Brain Bee.

Presidents: Irina Petrovic, Gina So

Staff Advisor: Ms. Law

# of Members: 20

Chemistry Club

Club Description: Chemistry Club runs demonstrations, provides practice for upcoming chemistry contests, and tutors students taking chemistry courses.

Presidents: Jared Levy, Ryan Yu

Staff Advisor: Ms. Teper

# of Members: 20

Chess Club

Club Description: Chess club is a casual and competitive club designed for everyone! We play for fun, but we also compete in citywide competitions to represent Mackenzie.

Presidents: Michael Wu, Arjan Gupta

Staff Advisor: Ms. Teper, Ms. Balland

# of Members: 35

Competitive Trivia Team

Club Description: Competitive Trivia Team is a club that aims to not only foster students’ love of knowledge, but put that knowledge to the test in a national competition. Whether you love to compete, or you just love to learn, trivia team is for you!

Presidents: Rayne-Fisher, Julia Berardini

Staff Advisor: Mr. DiSalle

# of Members: 20

Computer Programming Team

Club Description: CPT teaches advanced computer science concepts, including the languages and libraries needed for modern web development, and our members participate in various programming competitions. We also manage our own learning websites, online judge and competitions.

Presidents: Sarah Goldfarb, Samantha Unger, Arsh Raza, Vincent Macri

Staff Advisor: Ms. Krasteva

# of Members: 150

Cooking Club

Club Description: Cooking Club is focused on teaching students about healthy eating, and self-sufficiency with regards to cooking after graduation.

Presidents: Jared Levy, Lee Radovitsky

Staff Advisor: Ms. Levy

# of Members: 12


Club Description: DECA is a club of students that compete in business case study and multiple choice competitions. With competitors from all around the world, we train hard and have fun!

Presidents: Irina Petrovic, Benjamin Ma

Staff Advisor: Ms. Cuttle & Ms. Scocchia

# of Members: 63

Engineering Club

Club Description: Engineering club meets bi-monthly and gives students the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of engineering activities.

Presidents: Sarah Ghafoor, Sam Markowski

Staff Advisor: Mr. Fourmanovski

# of Members: 100

Entrepreneurs of Mackenzie

Club Description: Entrepreneurs of Mackenzie teaches real world business skills by providing a platform for students to create their own business idea and implement it in the school community. Our goal is to run several of these businesses and use the capital generated to fund future ventures as well as benefit the school.

Presidents: Denesh Kumar

Staff Advisor: Mr. Rupke

# of Members: 30

Envirothon Team

Club Description: Envirothon is a medium to challenge students to think critically about environmental issues, and allows students to learn more about the natural world they live in and their role within it.

Presidents: Mahnpreet Virdi, Julia Chae

Staff Advisor: Mrs. Batras, Ms. Assim, Mr. Gruszecki

# of Members: 16

Forces of Nature

Club Description: We are Mackenzie’s EcoSchools team advocating for environmental awareness. We work hard to get Mackenzie a platinum ranking by hosting events around the school and community.

Presidents: Seongu Kang, Elizabeth Cui

Staff Advisor: Mr. Devine

# of Members: 30

History Club

Club Description: History Club is dedicated to the study of history. We listen to presentations about past events, watch historical movies, and organize events such as the Remembrance Day Assembly.

Presidents: Angie Lo, Matthew Stuart

Staff Advisor: Mr. Cade, Mr. DiSalle

# of Members: 20


Club Description: HOSA is for students interested in pursuing healthcare. Members pick to be trained from 40+ categories to show their knowledge and skills in HOSA’s national and international competitions.

Presidents: Jennifer Huynh, Harsimran Darhan

Staff Advisor: Dr. Sinclair, Ms. Idestrom

# of Members: 60

KAST (Kids Are Scientists Too)

Club Description: KAST stands for “Kids Are Scientists Too” which is a program that focuses on educating elementary students on what science is really about: creativity and discovery. We give our students a chance to interpret and understand science in a different way – creatively. We believe that understanding science in this way would be beneficial to all careers. We will teach students at Mackenzie how to channel their passion for science in a positive way that helps our local communities. Our students then interactively show elementary school students what science is about – innovation and creativity – giving the elementary school students fun, lasting memories of how science affects their world.

Presidents: Danny Shin, Damith Thennakoon, Mandy Wai

Staff Advisor: Ms. Cheung-Seekit

# of Members: 35

Mackenzie Model United Nations

Club Description: At Mackenzie’s Model United Nations club, like-minded students discuss world issues and represent MAC at various Model UN events!

Presidents: Hooman Nozari

Staff Advisor: Mr. Nemerofsky

# of Members: 25

Mackenzie Science Club (MSC)

Club Description: Mackenzie Science Club, comprised of over 300 individuals and 11 student executives,  is devoted to celebrating science. MSC participates in a number of science olympics and also organizes one!

Presidents: Julia Chae, Sarah Goldfarb

Staff Advisor: Ms. Law, Mr. Bouttell, Ms. Cheung, Ms. Batras

# of Members: 300

Math Club

Club Description: Math club prepares students for math contests and to learn about math techniques.

Presidents: Caroline Liu, Vincent Macri, Samantha Unger

Staff Advisor: Ms. Gugoiu

# of Members: 35

Mock Trials Competitive Team

Club Description: Mock trials competitive team is a group of students working towards understanding court procedures and how the Canadian law system works. They will be attending the Toronto OJEN mock trials competition in April for an opportunity to advance and compete on the international level.

Presidents: Celine Kim, Gabby Chan

Staff Advisor: Ms. Indiran

# of Members: 10-15

Physics Club

Club Description: Physics club offers competitive physics preparation for contests such as SIN and OAPT, or just casual homework help. We also have some pretty sick emails!

Presidents: Samarth Patel, Ryan Yu

Staff Advisor: Mr. Gruszecki

# of Members: 10

TED Club

Club Description: TED Club aims to introduce various ideas to students of Mackenzie and involve everyone in current issues by discussing them and taking action. TED Club also hosts our annual TED Event!

Presidents: Samantha Melnick, Taryn Simon, Vivian Han

Staff Advisor: Ms. Markowitz, Mr. Malo

# of Members: 30+

VEX Robotics Team

Club Description: The VEX Robotics Team works on building a versatile robot to compete at the VEX Robotics competition game–a fun objective-based alliance challenge.

Presidents: Julia Chae

Staff Advisor: Mr. Wong

# of Members: 10

Dungeons and Dragons Club

Club Description: D&D club or Dungeons and Dragons club is a community for those who want to play D&D as well as other tabletop RPGs. The characters embark upon imaginary adventures within a world of fantasy, forming a party that interacts with the setting’s inhabitants and each other. As a Team, they solve dilemmas, engage in battles, and gather treasure and knowledge. D&D club is a place where you can make new friends, and expand your imagination.

Presidents: Matthew Stuart

Staff Advisor: Ms. Gourley

# of Members:

Smash Club

Club Description: Come join us! We play the video game series “Super Smash Bros.”

Presidents: Aditya Sharma, Luke Nguyen, Braulio Carrion

Staff Advisor: Mr. Kissoon

# of Members: 20

Quiet Club

Club Description: The quiet club is a space for students to eat, and spend time doing an activity of their choosing at lunch in a quiet and inclusive environment.

Presidents: Emma Goldstein, Sarah Abel

Staff Advisor: Ms. Batras

# of Members: 20

Cookies For A Cause

Club Description: Cookies For A Cause is a social welfare club where we bake and sell cookies to raise money to support Mackenzie’s initiative to build a school in Haiti.

Presidents: Emma Charney, Samar Ahmed, Mayra Gaustein, Danielle Shankman

Staff Advisor: Ms. Kantor

# of Members: 60

Creator's Joy

Club Description: Starting with local shelters and community service centers, we are on a global mission to not only donate but also spread the joy of unique hand-made cards to those in need.

Presidents: Mandy Wai

Staff Advisor: Ms. Batras

# of Members: 20

Rainbow Club

Club Description: Rainbow Club aims to promote a safe and inclusive school to LGBTQ students by running awareness campaigns as well as fun events throughout the year! Everyone is welcome!

Presidents: Matthew Cancelliere

Staff Advisor: Ms. Kerr

# of Members: 35

Unity Club

Club Description: Unity Club is a club at Mackenzie that focuses on creating friendships, uniting the students at our school, and taking care of mental health.

Presidents: Kayla Miller, Riya Agrawal

Staff Advisor: Ms. Kerr

# of Members: 10+

Wellness @ Mac

Club Description: Wellness @ Mac is a club that hosts events/activities open to the whole school aimed at reducing stress and promoting well-being.

Presidents: Christine Saljay, Uroosa Imtiaz

Staff Advisor: Ms. Cuttle, Ms. Mailvaganam

# of Members: 10