Mackenzie Jazz Band

Club Description: The Mackenzie Jazz Band is a big band ensemble that is dedicated to playing, practicing, and appreciating jazz music!

Presidents: Jacob Rice, ,

Staff Advisor: Mr. Bote

# of Members: 15

Mackenzie Players Theatre Company

Club Description: Mackenzie Players seeks to provide fun performance opportunities for anyone with a passion for music, drama or dance. We rehearse musical numbers and dramatic pieces for Mackenzie showcases!

Presidents: Oliver Daniel, Hayden Godfrey, Simi Jayeoba

Staff Advisor: Mr. Berenstein

# of Members: 35

Photography club

Club Description: Photography club is a place for aspiring photographers to share their work, engage in activities, and learn from each other.

Presidents: Fatima Hussain, Mary Ditta, Maria Gaydorova, Gautam Krishna

Staff Advisor: Ms. Mclaren

# of Members: 20


Badminton Club

Club Description: The Badminton Club is a place for anyone to play badminton and improve their skills. Beginners can learn from experienced players by asking them questions and watching them play!

Presidents: Arashi Aghazadeh-Naeni, Davidson Zhao, Harsh K. Shah

Staff Advisor: Ms. Teper, Ms. Balland

# of Members: 20+

Dance Club

Club Description: Dance Club allows students to explore dance in an outside-of-school setting, where we will be preparing routines and participating in performances.

Presidents: Gabby Chan, Michal Moskovich,

Staff Advisor: Mr.Berestein

# of Members: 20

Floor Hockey Club

Club Description: At Floor Hockey Club, students at Mackenzie play floor hockey! Everyone is welcome.

Presidents: Davidson Zhao, Hamid Johangiry, Kevin Ugrah

Staff Advisor: Karokolis

# of Members: 100

Just Fit

Club Description: Just Fit is a club where girls can learn to keep fit and have fun at the same time! Our club inspires girls to get together with their friends and participate in quick and fun workouts.

Presidents: Bahar Kholdi-Sabeti, Tina Sokhanvar, Riya Agrawal

Staff Advisor: Ms.Aquino

# of Members: 20

Ultimate Frisbee Club

Club Description: Ultimate Club allows anyone and everyone of all skill levels to come and practice Ultimate Frisbee.

Presidents: Ryan Dang, Siyi Zhang, Catharina Kim

Staff Advisor: Mr. Carpenter

# of Members: 60

Volleyball Club

Club Description: Volleyball Club is a place where anyone can come and develop their volleyball skills, enjoy the sport, make new friends, and have fun.

Presidents: Arashi Aghazadeh-Naeni, Aleks Todorov, Jason Wang

Staff Advisor: Mr. Cohen

# of Members: 15+

Arts Council

Club Description: We spread art of all forms throughout Mackenzie, by organizing events like Java After Dark, Arts In Bloom, and art workshops.

Presidents: Anna Sokolova, Roberta Fu,

Staff Advisor: Mr. Simpson

# of Members: 30

Athletic Council

Club Description: Athletic Council recognizes the athletes of Mackenzie and provides students with opportunities to participate in athletics. We also organize MAC sweatshirt sales, intramurals, athletic banquet and more!

Presidents: Anna Lopatukhin, Catherine Gauci, Micaela Consens, Yoni Nesher, Jonah Santangelo, Matthew Doucette

Staff Advisor: Mr. Whitfield

# of Members: 25


Club Description: We bring together students from diverse backgrounds by organizing Mackenzie’s largest event of the year, Culturama! It is an event that cultivates talent and beauty within Mackenzie’s culture.

Presidents: Harsh B, Shah, Jashley Tapeceria,

Staff Advisor: Mr.Cade, Ms.Lee

# of Members: 10

Mackenzie Music Council

Club Description: Music Council aims to support the music department and promote music at Mackenzie by hosting concerts and various in-school events.

Presidents: Julianah Oguntala, Helen Ngo,

Staff Advisor: Mr. Bote

# of Members: 15

Prom Committee

Club Description: Prom Committee is composed of hardworking students who work together to create Mackenzie’s most anticipated and memorable event of the year!

Presidents: Caelan McMichael, Lisa Mai,

Staff Advisor: Ms.Hanna

# of Members: 45

Tech Team

Club Description: We manage all the audio and visuals for club and SAC related events in addition to regular assemblies.

Presidents: Harsh B. Shah, ,

Staff Advisor: Mr.Wong

# of Members: 9

The Lyon Newspaper

Club Description: We are Mackenzie’s publication of the students, by the students, and for the students. With four issues per year, our goal is to spread the student voice.

Presidents: Anna Sokolova, ,

Staff Advisor: Mr. Regan

# of Members: 30

Agape Christian Fellowship

Club Description: Agape Christian Fellowship helps students learn more about Christianity, motivate one another, and make an effort to care for the world around us.

Presidents: Anna Hwang, Julianah Oguntala,

Staff Advisor: Mrs. Idestrom

# of Members: 10

Filipino Club

Club Description: Filipino Culture Club aims to unite the Filipino community and students interested in Filipino culture at Mackenzie.

Presidents: Jashley Taperica, Ashley Ong,

Staff Advisor: Ms.Aquino

# of Members: 60+

Greek Club

Club Description: At Greek club, we learn about Greek culture and history. We learn how to do Greek dances and enjoy Greek food and music!

Presidents: Patricia Bourikas, Leeza Lisboa,

Staff Advisor: Ms. Spiliopoulos

# of Members: 20

Jewish Culture Club

Club Description: Jewish Culture Club is the place to come and learn about Jewish activities, holidays, and culture. We have an interesting discussion or activity related to the theme of the week.

Presidents: Aaron Posner, Alex Barkin, Veronica Grad

Staff Advisor: Mr. Klemensberg

# of Members: 50

Korean Culture Club

Club Description: Korean Culture Club is a unique club aiming to provide the Korean cultural experience to interested students through exciting activities that incorporate Korean language, food, and music.

Presidents: Danny Shin, Gina So,

Staff Advisor: Ms Levy

# of Members: 30

Muslim Culture Club

Club Description: Muslim Culture Club provides an opportunity for students to learn about Muslim values, traditions, and the Muslim identity. We help students experience and value different cultures and traditions.

Presidents: Sevde Karaca, Samia Saqib,

Staff Advisor: Ms. Assim

# of Members: 25+

South Asian Alliance (SAA)

Club Description: Mackenzie’s South Asian Alliance culture club celebrates and helps students learn about South Asian culture.

Presidents: Seher Sarin, ,

Staff Advisor: Mr. Cade

# of Members: 30

Spanish Culture Club

Club Description: Spanish Culture Club aims to educate others about Spanish culture through games, movies, lessons, and interactive activities.

Presidents: Roi Levy, Bailey Rand, Nahal Emami Fard

Staff Advisor: Señor O’Brien, Señora Kantor Blejman, Señora Smolkin

# of Members: 30

Turkish Culture Club

Club Description: Turkish Culture Club is for Mackenzie students interested in the Turkish culture. We organize events such as parties, trips, attending films, cooking Turkish meals and dining at Turkish restaurants.

Presidents: Sevde Karaca, ,

Staff Advisor: Ms. Goldman

# of Members: 30+

Chemistry Club

Club Description: Chemistry Club runs demonstrations, provides practice for upcoming chemistry contests, and tutors students taking chemistry courses.

Presidents: Zachary Teper, Julianah Oguntala,

Staff Advisor: Ms. Teper

# of Members: 20

Chess Club

Club Description: Chess club is a casual and competitive club designed for everyone! We play for fun, but we also compete in citywide competitions to represent Mackenzie.

Presidents: John Li, Atharva Washimkar, Sepehr Hosseini, Ganesh Mathiarasu

Staff Advisor: Ms. Teper

# of Members: 35

Computer Programming Team

Club Description: CPT teaches advanced computer science concepts and we participate in various programming competitions. We also manage our own learning websites, online judge and competitions.

Presidents: Justin Pu, Sarah Goldfarb, VPs: Abdul Arif, Atharva Washimkar, Kushan Zaveri, Saksham Aggarwal, Samantha Unger, Siavash Samiei, Wanning Wang

Staff Advisor: Ms. Krasteva

# of Members: 150

Debate Team

Club Description: Debate team trains students in the art of debate by honing their ability to argue persuasively while mastering their critical thinking skills. Mackenzie debaters also dominate at tournaments.

Presidents: Hillary Chan, Sarah Goldfarb, JJ Marr

Staff Advisor: Mr. Berenstein

# of Members: 16


Club Description: DECA is a club of students that compete in business case study and multiple choice competitions. With competitors from all around the world, we train hard and have fun!

Presidents: Kim Tram, Annie Tseng,

Staff Advisor: Ms. Cuttle & Ms. Osier

# of Members: 63

Envirothon Team

Club Description: Envirothon is a medium to challenge students to think critically about environmental issues, and allows students to learn more about the natural world they live in and their role within it.

Presidents: Julie Nguyen, ,

Staff Advisor: Mrs. Batras

# of Members: 16

Forces of Nature

Club Description: We are Mackenzie’s EcoSchools team advocating for environmental awareness. We work hard to get Mackenzie a platinum ranking by hosting events around the school and community.

Presidents: Kim Tram, Cindy Nguyen,

Staff Advisor: Mr. Devine & Mr. Bouttell

# of Members: 30

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)

Club Description: The Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) trains students for a provincial and international student business competition.

Presidents: Seher Sarin, ,

Staff Advisor: Mr. Carpenter

# of Members: 20

History Club

Club Description: History Club is dedicated to the study of history. We listen to presentations about past events, watch historical movies, and organize events such as the Remembrance Day Assembly.

Presidents: Arnold Gluck, Angie Lo,

Staff Advisor: Mr. Cade, Ms. Knebel

# of Members: 20


Club Description: HOSA is for students interested in pursuing healthcare. Members pick to be trained from 40+ categories to show their knowledge and skills in HOSA’s national and international competitions.

Presidents: Mingwei Huang, Lucy Chen,

Staff Advisor: Ms. Sinclair

# of Members: 60

Mackenzie Model United Nations

Club Description: At Mackenzie’s Model United Nations club, like-minded students discuss world issues and represent MAC at various Model UN events!

Presidents: Hooman Nozari, Brian Ceco,

Staff Advisor: Mr. David Nemerofsky

# of Members: 25

Mackenzie Science Club (MSC)

Club Description: Mackenzie Science Club, comprised of over 300 individuals and 11 student executives,  is devoted to celebrating science. MSC participates in a number of science olympics and also organizes one!

Presidents: Julia Chae, Samantha Unger,

Staff Advisor: Ms. Law, Mr. Bouttell, Ms. Cheung & Ms. Batras

# of Members: 300

Math Club

Club Description: Math club prepares students for math contests and to learn about math techniques.

Presidents: Clark Tang, Abdul Arif,

Staff Advisor: Ms. Gugoiu

# of Members: 35

Robotics Team

Club Description: Robotics Team organizes and hosts various robotics events for Mackenzie students during the school year.

Presidents: Caleb Tseng-Tham, Vincent Wang,

Staff Advisor: Mr Wong

# of Members: 10

TED Club

Club Description: TED Club aims to introduce various ideas to students of Mackenzie and involve everyone in current issues by discussing them and taking action. TED Club also hosts our annual TED Event!

Presidents: Samantha Melnick, Melissa Wang,

Staff Advisor: Mr. Carpenter

# of Members: 30+

The Philosophy Club

Club Description: The Philosophy Club is a welcoming place to come and spend your lunch and discuss various topics of philosophy.

Presidents: Lauren Cohen, Matthew Holtzman,

Staff Advisor: Yolanda Elso-Ponzo

# of Members: 20

The Physics Club

Club Description: Physics club offers competitive physics preparation for contests such as SIN and OAPT, or just casual homework help. We also have some pretty sick emails!

Presidents: Ryan Jiang, Mingwei Huang,

Staff Advisor: Mr Grezeki

# of Members: 10

VEX Robotics Team

Club Description: The VEX Robotics Team works on building a versatile robot to compete at the VEX Robotics competition game–a fun objective-based alliance challenge.

Presidents: Justin Pu, ,

Staff Advisor: Mr. Wong

# of Members: 15

Web Development Club

Club Description: We’re a club that focuses on teaching students the languages and libraries needed for modern web development.

Presidents: Atharva Washimkar, Kushan Zaveri,

Staff Advisor: Ms.Balland

# of Members: 20

Anime Club

Club Description: We watch anime every week. Come and join the fun!

Presidents: Alexandra Nash, ,

Staff Advisor: Ms Teper

# of Members: 20

Food Club

Club Description: Food Club meets to teach students how to make quick, and affordable foods from scratch. Students get a hands-on-experience to make everything from macaroni and cheese to sushi rolls.

Presidents: Lok-Yee Victoria Yuen, Leyla Verdier,

Staff Advisor: Ms.Assim

# of Members: 20

Smash Club

Club Description: Come join us! We play the video game series “Super Smash Bros.”

Presidents: Jorel Hoffert, Aditya Sharma,

Staff Advisor: Ms. Scoccia

# of Members: 20

Youth Culture Club

Club Description: Youth Culture Club is a club that celebrates youth culture. Along with youth empowerment, we discuss current fashion, music, and social media trends.

Presidents: Panth Shah, Jamar DeCastro,

Staff Advisor: Ms. Covent

# of Members: 30

Children's Miracle Network

Club Description: We’re in partnership with the Children’s Miracle Network which is a non-profit organization that helps local children’s hospitals, such as SickKids, through fundraising.

Presidents: Mahta Esmailpour Bazzaz, Tara Gholipouri, Shahrzad Mohseni

Staff Advisor: Mr. Karakolis

# of Members: 30

Feminism Club

Club Description: Feminism Club focuses on eradicating the stigma surrounding feminism and pushing for gender equality by initiating relevant discussions and movements within our school community.

Presidents: Alisa Genis and Olivia Gwizdala, ,

Staff Advisor: Ms. Mancini

# of Members: 25

Free The Children

Club Description: We are a worldwide development charity and youth empowerment movement!

Presidents: Jasleen Ghuman, Hila Akbari,

Staff Advisor: Mr. Stitt

# of Members: 110

Kids Help Phone Club

Club Description: Kids Help Phone Club aims to spread emotional wellness at Mackenzie through raising awareness for mental health issues. We aspire to make Mackenzie a more positive community.

Presidents: Helen Ngo, Yaffa Kizel,

Staff Advisor: Mr. Daoud

# of Members: 10

Love in Action

Club Description: Love in Action strives to support the community through fun filled activities that encourage engaging and building relationships with those in need of our help in our community.

Presidents: Jacqueline Hong, Vevina Trinh,

Staff Advisor: Ms. Cheung

# of Members: 40

Mackenzie's Volunteer Club

Club Description: Mackenzie’s Volunteer Club promotes volunteering within the Mackenzie community and works to fundraise for various causes.

Presidents: Seher Sarin, ,

Staff Advisor: Ms. Klement

# of Members: 30

Mind Over Matter

Club Description: Mind Over Matter is a club focused on stress relief. With activities including board games and cookie decorating, we advocate for greater mental health awareness and a more balanced lifestyle.

Presidents: Annie Tseng, Maddy Smee, N/A

Staff Advisor: Mme Martin-Jordache

# of Members: 40

Pink Ribbon

Club Description: Pink Ribbon is a social welfare club with the objective of raising money and awareness for breast cancer research through various events and fundraisers in the school.

Presidents: Annie Tseng, Vevina Trinh, Veronica Grad

Staff Advisor: Mrs. Levy

# of Members: 12

Rainbow Club

Club Description: Rainbow Club aims to promote a safe and inclusive school to LGBTQ students by running awareness campaigns as well as fun events throughout the year! Everyone is welcome!

Presidents: Lauren Flom, Matthew Cancelliere,

Staff Advisor: Ms. Kerr

# of Members: 35

Unity Club

Club Description: Unity Club is a club at Mackenzie that focuses on creating friendships, uniting the students at our school, and taking care of mental health.

Presidents: Sarah Mandel, Jillian Hernandez,

Staff Advisor: Ms. Osier

# of Members: 10+

Women Empowerment Club

Club Description: Women Empowerment Club is a social welfare club that aims to engage the students of Mackenzie in female issues through group discussions, activities, and fundraising initiatives.

Presidents: Rina Gutzin, Bailey Rand, Vice Presidents: Jessica Harripersad and Rebecca Litvak

Staff Advisor: Ms. Batras

# of Members: 20+

World Wildlife Fund

Club Description: We discuss and pitch ideas to fundraise for World Wildlife Fund.

Presidents: Arvin Kumar, Gil Litvak,

Staff Advisor: Science Office

# of Members: 30

Youth Activism

Club Description: We give youth a voice by teaming up with City Hall’s Toronto Youth Cabinet to advocate for teen issues and promoting participation in civic affairs.

Presidents: Arvin Kumar, Gill Litvak,

Staff Advisor: Mr Galo

# of Members: 28